No Income Verification Loans

Up to 90% Financing Available

No Need to Document Income!

Do you need financing but your income is difficult to substantiate?
Or you just don’t want to be bothered with all the customary
bank documentation?

Foxx Capital Funding, Inc. has the answer for you! A No-Income
Verification loan!

Up to 90% financing is available for no- income verification
mortgages (NIV).with interest rates that are only slightly
higher than normal mortgages.

Of course, the more information that can be documented, the
lower the interest rate.and the credit history and property
value become less critical.

There are three types of NIV loans:

Stated Income

You fill out a complete application, stating your employment
and income. Your employment will be verified but no documentation
or verification of income is required.

Bankers usually look for a minimum of two to three years
of self-employment history, or employment history in the same

Your ability to afford the loan is based on the income stated
on the application. The claimed income must be in line with
your occupation.

The actual loan approval is based on your credit history,
verified liquid assets, and the value of the property. Verified
assets should be consistent with the income claimed (for example,
six months of the stated income in savings, prior to the closing).
In addition, many banks look for six months of post-closing
reserves (based on the monthly carrying costs of the property).

No Ratio

Similar to the Stated Income program except that no income
information is provided or verified.

No Documentation

No employment or income information is provided or verified.
Approval is based on down payment, credit history, and property
value. Some programs still require asset documentation, while
others do not.

Foxx Capital Funding, Inc. will help you get the financing
you need at the lowest possible rates available. Please contact
to get started
or prequalify through our Web

33 Responses to “No Income Verification Loans”

  1. looking to refinance existing m ortgage of 345,000, current value is 850,000, for 8 to 9 years .

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Please call the office (718) 726-8181 for any question that will require more detals. Thank You

  2. john mccrimmon says:

    do these niv loans still exist or this is an old posting?

  3. steve says:

    I might be getting a job transfer (about 3 1/2 hours away). I’d break about even if I sold my house now so I’m thinking about renting mine out and getting another where I relocate. I found a twin (both sides) for 149K. One side is rented out I’d live in the other. I can get 25K-35K out of my retirement for a down payment. I’m a postal employee (24 years) My credit score is 730-760 range. I would have a mortgage payment 200-300 less than I could rent for. Any thoughts? Any programs that would work for me? Could I get pre-approval so I could get things started before I start renting mine out? Just looking ahead if I get the job to see if I could do something like this. Thanks for your time,

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Really depends on all the numbers. The down payment, monthly payments, rent roll, job income,etc. It be best to call the office so we can get all the details needed and we cay out your options.

  4. Jon C. says:

    I’m interested in finding out more information on this whole process. I’m looking for a starter home and I know now is the time to make a move. Probably a short sale/foreclosure.

    Please give me a call in the office sometime 718-937-8100 x 105

    Jon Ciangiulli

  5. Raymond ferranti says:

    I am a contract accountant, CPA. I purchased my home 5 years ago for cash, $1,760,000. I would like to take out an equity line of $350,000 / 400,000, or a 10/15 year low interest loan.
    My wife is employed, w-2, $60,000
    What can you offer

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Please call the office (718) 726-8181 if you are located in NY and you can give us the details we need.

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Please call the office (718) 726-8181 if you are located in NY and we can get the rest of the info needed. We are only licensed in NY but are glad to help in anyway we can.

  6. Riel Pasaribu says:

    This is so helpful. How can I get this loan?. I am not American citizenship and no regular income but I have certificate of money deposit to show or even put my money in your bank. I would like to buy a house with the price of $ 200,000 – 250,000. I don’t mind to put down 40% for it. Please help

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Please call the office (718) 726-8181 if you are located in NY and you can give us the details we need.

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Are you buying an investment property that will generate income? Give us a call at (718) 726-8181 and give us your details.

  7. bill kwok says:

    My partner and I co-own a triplex rental property that was fully paid for in cash. We want to cash out as much as we could to buy a second rental property in cash. The property has been earning rental income of about $50,000 annually for the last 3 years and is expected to continue that way. The property is currently worth about $500K. We don’t want to go thru the regular mortgage loan financing approval process if possible. You think your company can take on this kind of the “cash out’ loan?

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      Please call the office (718) 726-8181 if you are located in NY and you can give us the details we need.

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      We would need more of the particulars. Give us a call at (718) 726-8181 and we can let you you know what your options are,

  8. Tara corpus says:

    Do you offer your services in Texas ?

  9. Miguel Villarreal says:

    loan application process for Texas

  10. Jose Dominguez says:

    do you finance loans in virginia

  11. peter merkle says:

    don’t qualify with banks and brokers im self employed tring to get loan or refi for 110.000 thousand vaue of home is 400,000 . I went into a 15 year when economy was good know I don’t qualify for any loans help me

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      We are only licensed in NY. If you live in NY call the office and we’ll see what your situation is exactly an what can be done but the amount of the loan to the value of the home does not matter as much as your ability to pay back the loan.

  12. ZSOLT KRUPPA says:

    Do you know anyone who is able to do it in NJ??? I can put down 35% …

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      I don’t know anyone in NJ but you can try googling Stated Income,Mortgage Broker, and the county or town you live in.

  13. LauraElliott says:

    I am looking to buy a rental property and I have 30% down, the amount is small needed to close.
    Can you assist me with this purchase.
    40,000-12,000=28K to be borrowed.

    credit middle score 678

  14. din ahmetaj says:

    Im would like to buy another home im very intrestec in the no income verification loan please call me 908 456 6259

  15. Nick says:

    What is the current rates for 1 mil $ loan, 761 FICO score 10% down to purchase rental property with positive cashflow. Czn show tax returnes. currently on paid medical leave but will be returning to work in 6 months
    Thank you

    • Jim Nicolopoulos says:

      To start with investment properties usually require a min of 30% down. If the property is in New York please call the office and we will see what can be done.

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